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Image Masking Service Tips & Tutorial & Image Masking Service

Image Masking Service Tips & Tutorial & Image Masking Service

What is the capability of image masking? Image masking, as the name identify, is the art of intense a definite part from a picture where the margin can’t be obviously called, such as identifying a lady with curling hair from an image. If you are familiar with a good photo editing software and you have got it set up on your Computer, you can do the image masking on your hold with suitability. In this content, you will discovery to know about this approach and its
profits in information. Let’s learn image masking service and all its details.Similarly, if you have areas of different colors, you may not easily get the desired results since the shortcut will select a larger area than what you are really interested in.

If the area you are working on is small, the magic Wand Tool may not give you the results you may be looking for. This is even complicated when the background has a wide range of colors.


This is the alternative method one can use to isolate images from the background. The method is pixel-based and the technique used is different from the masking method one. The method works on assumption that every image contains three or four combinations of colors. There is red, green, and blue or a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Figure: Image masking service tips and tutorials

To use this approach, open an image in Photoshop, look for the Layers box, and select the layer you want to create a mask for. You must double click the selecting layer if it is accessible to be the Background Layer. The objective of doing so is to turn the part to an unblocked one. At the present, after you choose it, simply just click OK. Now, make a decision on the place of the image you need to validate. Select a tool, such as Pencil, Paint Brush, background eraser and simply select the key known as Mask Mode. This will let Adobe Photoshop cover the images deselected parts.

Duplicate layer

We make a Duplicate layer of this image (Ctrl+J). Now select quick selection tool to select that particular selection of your image. Drag a rough selection of your image. After the selection click on REFINE EDGES in photoshop. You can select ON WHITE mode to work with it. Tik on Smart Radius and make Radius between 200 to 250 as your requirement. Again tik Decontaminate colors and put it on 100 and use Refine radius tool to remove the background from hair. Drag the location of hair for masking. You can change Smooth, feather, contrast, and shift as your requirement

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